Talking About Hardwood Flooring Installation And Upkeep

Do you want to install natural hardwood flooring in your home but don't know how to maintain the floors? Learn how you can keep your home looking great.

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Talking About Hardwood Flooring Installation And Upkeep

Hi there, I am Serena. Welcome to my site about hardwood flooring installation and upkeep. The hardwood flooring you place in your home can look great and last for decades with the proper care. You must have the flooring installed with the right tools and techniques to keep it in good shape over the years. Improper installation techniques and lack of maintenance can leave your flooring warped or otherwise damaged over time. I will discuss this topic, as well as other flooring tips for different materials, in great detail to help you keep your flooring in optimal condition year after year.


Have Thin And Worn Hardwood Floors? Consider Your Options With A Flooring Professional

26 May 2017
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When you first bought your home, you may have loved the hardwood floors. But, over the years, it has gotten scratched up and worn down to the point that something must be done to make it look good again. Unfortunately, you may have gotten a flooring inspection in the past and found out that the wood is thin. Trying to refinish the surface could make the wood too thin for it to handle normal traffic. Read More …

Is a Linoleum Floor a Good Choice for Your Kitchen?

19 May 2017
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The kitchen floor is typically an expansive one. It's also a floor that many guests will see, assuming you entertain in your kitchen like most homeowners. So it makes sense that you would spend some time considering various options when choosing your kitchen floor material. Linoleum is one material that appeals to many homeowners, but while it's a great choice for many people, it's not a perfect solution for every situation. Read More …

Worried About Your Tile Floors Cracking From Wear And Tear? 3 Things To Look For With Installation

26 April 2017
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Getting tile flooring installed can be a great way to make your home easier to clean and help improve the way that it looks drastically. If you're eager to get started with having new flooring put in, but are concerned about the long-term durability, it's a good idea to look into how different types of tile floors can make a difference. if you're concerned about the tile floor cracking under pressure, the following tips can all help make a big difference in the kind of quality that tile flooring will have and how long it will last. Read More …

Choosing The Right Carpet For Indoor Pets

17 April 2017
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Having carpet flooring can give your home a comfortable and cozy feel. Unfortunately, many carpets are not made to withstand the type of wear that an indoor pet can introduce. If you have a dog or cat in your home, it's essential that you select the right kind of carpet if you want your living space to remain aesthetically pleasing in the future. Here are three characteristics to look for as you shop for new carpet that will suit both you and your indoor pets. Read More …

Common Questions About Acclimating Hardwood Flooring Before the Installation

30 March 2017
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Getting ready to install hardwood flooring in your house? If so, one of the things you need to be aware of is that the hardwood floorboards must acclimate to your home prior to installing them. While you may be ready to tackle this flooring project immediately, ignoring this crucial step could potentially ruin your hardwood flooring. Here are some common questions about the acclimation process. Why Must Floorboards Be Acclimated Before Installing Them? Read More …