Having Concrete Flooring Installed? Coat The Concrete With Epoxy

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Having Concrete Flooring Installed? Coat The Concrete With Epoxy

18 February 2021
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If you are having a concrete floor installed, you should consider coating the flooring with epoxy during the installation process. Below is information about what epoxy flooring is and some benefits of choosing it.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a floor material that is coated onto concrete flooring after the concrete has been smoothed out and prepped. The epoxy is made of a resin and a chemical that hardens the resin. These two ingredients are mixed thoroughly and then placed on the concrete. The contractor generally puts the resin mixture in a bucket or other receptacle and pours it on the floor. They then spread the resin mixture using a specific tool, such as a brush. The epoxy has to be placed on the concrete immediately after mixing, as it will start to harden quickly.

In many cases, the contractor will suggest that you put more than one coating of the epoxy on the concrete flooring. If so, you have to wait for the first coating to completely dry before applying the second. 

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is easier for you to clean. The only thing you have to do is sweep the flooring and then mop with a damp mop. You won't have to use any type of cleaner unless the floor is very dirty. Because of this, many people put epoxy flooring in their garage. This is because if the automobiles leak any fluids, the spill can be easily cleaned off the floor. 

Epoxy flooring is also durable, so it will make your concrete flooring last much longer. Impact will not bother the flooring, such as when heavy vehicles park on the floor and drive on the concrete. You can place heavy items on the flooring without worrying about the concrete cracking or getting damaged in other ways. Epoxy makes the concrete waterproof so spills from water, chemicals, etc., will not seep into the concrete but instead sit on top of the epoxy. This makes the flooring even easier to clean. 

You can choose from different colored epoxy when you choose your concrete flooring. Subtle colors like tans or greys are used, but some people like to use much brighter colors like red or blue. You can combine colors together to make the flooring look unique. 

It is important that you hire a professional to install the epoxy flooring to ensure it is done correctly. The contractor can also tell you about areas where you can use epoxy flooring inside your home, such as for kitchen and bathroom flooring. 

For more information on epoxy flooring, contact a local flooring contractor.