How A Marble Floor Is Installed And How You Maintain It

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How A Marble Floor Is Installed And How You Maintain It

25 March 2020
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If you want luxury flooring for your home's entry, kitchen, bathroom, or living area, consider marble. Marble is high-end flooring that adds glamour and value to your home. Here's a look at how marble floors are installed and how you care for them:

How Marble Flooring Is Installed

The installation procedure for marble is much like other forms of stone tiles. However, marble has some special considerations since it is a thicker and heavier stone. First, you have to ensure the subfloor is sturdy enough to support marble. The subfloor also has to be level and cleared of other flooring.

Marble is adhered to the subfloor with mortar and grout. It's essential for marble to be sealed because it is porous. Sealing is done before the grout is applied and again when the floor is finished to protect the grout.

How Marble Flooring Is Finished

You can choose if you want a shiny floor or a matte look. A matte finish is achieved by polishing the floor just enough to make the surface smooth but without making it shiny. If marble is polished long enough, it takes on a deep, lustrous shine. The finish you choose is up to your personal preference and whether you like shiny flooring.

How To Care For A Marble Floor

Since marble tiles are thick and strong, the flooring is durable. However, marble requires special care so it doesn't get scratched or stained. Daily dust mopping removes grit from the surface so sand doesn't cause fine scratches. If you use cleaning products on the floor, buy products made for marble because acidic cleaners could dull the surface.

One of the most important things to do for your marble floor is keep it sealed. A matte floor will need sealer applied more frequently than a polished floor. Sealer keeps liquids from seeping into the stone and leaving stains or wet spots.

Regular and proper cleaning keeps a marble floor attractive for many years. If you get lax and allow the floor to become damaged, it may be possible to restore the marble. Broken tiles can be pried up and replaced. Scratched and stained tiles can often be restored by sanding off the damage and polishing the surface again.

Marble flooring could be perfect for any room in your home, and the beauty of the floor can make your home appealing to buyers in the future. Marble may be more expensive than some other types of flooring, but when you want the very best for your home, marble is a choice worth considering.