Choosing Flooring For A New Corporate Fitness Room

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Choosing Flooring For A New Corporate Fitness Room

23 December 2019
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If you are adding a small weight room inside of your business that will allow you and your employees to let off steam during breaks or after hours, the type of gym equipment that you purchase may influence your flooring decision. Most gymnasiums and large fitness facilities utilize a rubber flooring type that is shock-resistant and that won't absorb moisture. Rubber gym tiles interlock and possess the same characteristics as a standard rubber floor covering.

Partial Or Full Coverage Can Be Selected

Rubber tiles can be used to cover the entire floor, or you can use some to create separate areas that are designated for specific weight equipment. One reason that you might not want to cover the whole floor is if you plan on setting up a beverage cart or seating and changing station that will be adjacent to the exercise area. If the original flooring possesses a wood or vinyl surface, define the areas where people can work out by selecting two distinct flooring types that are alongside one another.

If you choose to cover the entire floor, use rubber floor ramps and a wall base to cover gaps along the walls and to provide your employees with a gradual incline to the fitness area. Thick rubber tiles will elevate the fitness area a little bit, so the ramps will prevent someone from accidentally catching the toe of their shoe along the edge of the flooring.

Flooring Can Support Heavy Loads

A slip-proof floor covering is essential, since people will be handling dumbbells and other weighted equipment that could cause a serious injury if someone were to fall. A thickly-padded floor covering will help people maintain their traction, allowing everyone to remain confident and poised while they are pumping iron. Additionally, this type of flooring will not become scuffed or stained, and polishing the floor covering or spending a lot of time deep cleaning its surface will not be necessary.

After you install interlocking rubber pieces and have set up the weight equipment and accessories that will make the room accommodating, post a list of rules that you would like your staff members to follow. Although the flooring isn't prone to staining, you should still attempt to keep the surface as dry and clean as possible. Require everyone to wear sneakers when walking upon the rubber surface and restrict the participants from eating or drinking in the fitness area.

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