Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is A Quality Alternative To Wood Or Stone

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is A Quality Alternative To Wood Or Stone

22 May 2019
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Luxury vinyl flooring is a popular choice for homeowners, and you may want to have this flooring installed in your own home when you renovate. Although the flooring is made of vinyl, it is thicker than traditional vinyl and comes in planks and tiles as opposed to sheets. Here are some benefits of choosing luxury vinyl flooring, or LVF, for your home.

Vinyl Is Cheaper Than Wood

LVF flooring mimics the appearance of expensive wood or tile floors. If you want wood floors, but they don't fit your budget, then luxury vinyl plank flooring is a good alternative. These planks are made in a variety of colors and textures so they look like different species of wood. They can also look like distressed wood, so you have a lot of choices and you're able to have the look you want at a more affordable price than real hardwood.

LVT Flooring Is Easier To Install Than Wood Or Stone

One major advantage of luxury vinyl planks or tiles is that the flooring is much easier to install than real hardwood planks or stone tiles. You can opt for the installation method you prefer. The flooring can be glued down, snapped together, or applied in a loose lay fashion. The planks can be trimmed with scissors, so installation doesn't require a saw or other expensive tools. If you enjoy DIY projects, you might be able to install a luxury vinyl floor yourself. However, you can also have the flooring installed by a pro. Stone and wood flooring is much more complicated to install and you may not even have the option of doing it yourself.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Tolerates Water Better Than Wood

While you want to dry a wet vinyl floor quickly rather than let water stand on it, the vinyl will tolerate water much better than wood. You'll be able to wet mop a vinyl floor, and since it tolerates water, you can use it in your kitchen for a seamless look in your living areas. LVF is even a good choice for a basement where wood is not usually a suitable option.

Luxury vinyl flooring is attractive and durable. It's used in new home construction and renovations, even in luxury homes, so it is suitable for just about any type of home. Choose planks that look like real wood or tiles that look like stone to create a high-end look at a more affordable price. Prices vary considerably for LVF depending on the thickness and quality of the flooring. This makes it easy to find flooring that fits your budget while giving you the look you want for your home. Check out companies like Coastal Flooring for more ideas.