How To Remove Tile And Install Linolum Plank Flooring

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How To Remove Tile And Install Linolum Plank Flooring

20 February 2019
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If you have old tile in your house that you are dying to get rid of, then you may want to install some linoleum. Even though there are tons of do it yourself videos out there with different tips for you to learn from, this article will list a few tips for you to make the process, hopefully, a little bit easier. Are you interested in learning a few more tips? Read on to learn more.

Scrape Off the Tile

The first thing you will have to do is break up the tile and scrape it off. To start out, you can grab something like a hammer and hit it against the tile. Once it has started to chip, you can then take a crowbar and try to pull it up. Just remember that tile is really hard to tear up, and so it may take you a little while because it will break up in a bunch of little pieces. Once you can see the base layering, you can then grab something like a big trowel and start scraping everything off. The scraping off process is a little bit tedious, but in order for you to be able to lay new floor, it has to be done. 

Lay the Floor Surfacing Material

Once you have scraped off all of the old surface flooring, then you can start laying the new floor surfacing. Surface flooring is usually the base layer that goes under the linoleum or wood flooring to help with things like leveling it out and preventing moisture damage. When installing linoleum planks, use a base layer of flooring that has a thin pad; this will help you avoid water damage and will also help with sound if you have a basement below you. 

Lay the Flooring

After you have laid the surfacing, you can then start laying the actual planks of flooring. Depending on the pattern that you want, you can usually start by laying it in the corner and then working your way to the middle. The good thing about linoleum planks is that they usually click together without much pressure or force; just use a rubber mallet to gently hit the edges of it. 

These are just a few basic suggestions to help you get rid of floor and lay new flooring in your house, condo, or apartment. To learn more suggestions, contact a linoleum company near you!