Beautify Your Old Hardwood Floors: The Most Important Steps

Do you want to install natural hardwood flooring in your home but don't know how to maintain the floors? Learn how you can keep your home looking great.

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Beautify Your Old Hardwood Floors: The Most Important Steps

8 February 2018
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If you're old hardwood floors have seen better days, then you might want to have them refinished. It's a great way to bring back the natural beauty of your floors, and it's a much better way than simply covering the old floors with area rugs. While it might seem like a long and labor intensive process, it's actually not that difficult to accomplish as long as you have the correct materials and a idea as to what you are doing. Here is a basic overview of what you will want to do.  

Remove The Stain

The first thing you are going to want to do is remove the old stain from the wood. This can done either one of two ways. The first way involves using a large, powerful hardwood dustless sanding machine. You can rent these or even hire a professional to come into your home and do it for you. The large dustless sanders will remove the top layer of the floor and this top layer includes the stain. The alternative is to use a floor stripping chemical. These can be harsh to breathe, so make sure you choose one that is safe to use indoors and also always ventilate the room. 

Patch Any Holes

If there are any chips or holes in the floor, then take this time to use a wood filler and patch them. You apply the fillers and let it dry and then sand it down using very fine grit sandpaper. You want to do this step before you go ahead and apply fresh stain because the wood filler needs to match the wood and should you apply filler after staining the floor you will have a very apparent discoloration.

If there are lots of chips and areas that need to be filed, then you can use the large hardwood dustless sander. If, on the other hand, there are only a few select spots, then you can go ahead and use the small grit sanding paper that was mentioned earlier.

Re-Coat With Fresh Stain and Oil or Poly

After the floor is sanded, you want to make sure all the dust is removed. This is one major reason people like using ahardwood dustless sanding service. It helps with the clean up. So, once the sanding is done and the floors are clean, it's time to apply stain and oil of poly. You will want to apply these products with a clean rag. You always apply the stain first, and then apply oil or poly. There are some stains that come with poly in the mixture if you want to do a two for 1.