How To Have Your Cabinet Doors Replaced

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How To Have Your Cabinet Doors Replaced

3 December 2017
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The cabinet in any room largely defines the style of that entire space. So, if you want to remodel any room, the cabinets are always a great place to start. This is particularly true in kitchens and bathrooms where the cabinets are often the central style feature. However, full-scale cabinet replacement, especially a built-in systems, can be very expensive and beyond the budget of homeowners. If you are a homeowner who wants to update your cabinets, but can't afford a full-scale replacement, you should consider just replacing the doors and drawers. These are the most important defining style elements of any cabinet system. So, if you replace them, you change the entire look of that cabinet. This article runs you through the process, and should show you how to keep the cost down.

Order Your Doors

Cabinet door replacement is very affordable, but it could be even cheaper if you do some of the work yourself. Obviously, you won't be able to actually construct the cabinet doors. This needs to be done by a professional cabinetry maker. The cabinetmaker will need to come to your house and measure your cabinets to make sure the new doors are made to the precise specifications.

Remove the Old Doors

In the meantime, while you doors are being produced, you can start to remove your old doors. You want to get everything out of your cabinets to make the new door installation easier. Most doors are only attach the face frame of the cabinet with just a couple of screws. Once the screws are removed, you should fill the holes left behind in the faceframe. The chances are that your new hinges won't be attached in the exact same place.

It is always a good idea to have new hinges directly installed on your doors. Most cabinetmakers will give you this option. This way, when your new doors arrive at your house, all you really need to do is hang them, make sure they are level, and attach the screws to the faceframe.

Hang the Doors

The process of installing doors is a little tricky because they need to be level and flush so they open with ease. Hanging the doors is easier with two people. One person can hold the door level, while the other secures the screws. This takes a lot of double checking and adjustment of the hinges.

Nonetheless, when you do the work yourself, and don't have to pay professional cabinetmaker to install your own doors, you end up saving a fair amount of money on the project.