Tips For Tile Flooring Installation In Tiny Home Bathrooms

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Tips For Tile Flooring Installation In Tiny Home Bathrooms

4 March 2017
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When you create your own tiny home, you may have the basic blueprints, but the interior design is usually all you. It is personalized and fits the personality of each individual building with the same plans. One of the areas that you can add a special touch of your own design is the bathroom. You can do this with tiles along the walls, but you can also go the step further with tile flooring installation. If you want to handle this yourself, hear or some tips that may help.

Go with Smaller Tiles

You may be thinking that bigger is better, especially since you may be budgeting according to the space. The truth is you may have a harder time placing the tiles and getting them to look right if you go with bigger. Smaller tiles will allow you to create a suitable design pattern that is easy to follow and will blend toward the corners of the room as well as around the shower and other bathroom areas. You will also find it easier to go with more color when you use smaller tiles since you can mix and match them a bit easier in such a small space.

Don't Overlook the Corners

When you handle your own tile flooring installation, especially in small spaces like a tiny home bathroom, you may overlook sealing certain areas from water, humidity, or other elements that could damage the foundation of the bathroom or the tile itself. Make sure that you are sealing all the corners of the room and along the wall edges between the walls and the tile. This will ensure that no moisture gets under the tiles to cause mold or mildew. It will also help prevent water damage from causing wood rot. Also, make sure to seal between the tiles and against bathroom appliances and fixtures as well. Just because it is a tiny home, that does not mean you can skimp on certain areas.

Layout the Plan First

When you hear someone say that you should plan out your tiles first, you may be thinking about laying them out on tile. Though this is a good option, and will help with the initial planning process, you should take it a step further. Consider taking your freshly purchased tiles and laying them out as you will when you do the tile flooring installation. This will let you know if some of the tiles should be cut more, if some should be purchased, or if any changes need to be made before you get started. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of gluing and laying the tile when you find out you have to stop for something that could have been prevented by simple laying out the plan.

By taking these three tips into account, you can make your tile flooring installation move a bit easier. Remember, depending on the flooring you are using, some tiles may be more suitable than others. Also, keep in mind if you will be mobile or keeping the tiny home in place. This may make the difference as to how you plan on laying the tile or what tile you will be using. Talk to a flooring contractor, like Costen Floors Inc, for more help.